In a high-ceilinged enclave flooded with Atlantic light, Sara De Luca is creating a new cultural center in a place where artists and writers have lived alongside baymen and clam diggers for over a century. Ille Arts opened its doors on Main Street in Amagansett in March, with a group show, 'The Family Show', that showcased a generous mix of work by artists both celebrated and unknown. "I have been carrying the idea of a gallery in my head for a few years," says De Luca, "but once I found this space everything fell into place, it just felt right. Amagansett is such a great, unspoiled beach town, and I'd like to add more art and artists to the mix."

De Luca's lifelong 'passion for the visual', coupled with her extensive connections to the New York art scene, will ensure a steady flow of boldface names on the gallery walls, as well as emerging artists. "We're hoping to promote an international flavor on Main Street, from both inside and outside the East End community," says De Luca.

"I'm not channeling any specific area of art, we have no restrictions, whatever strikes me, and moves me, is the kind of work I plan to exhibit." De Luca envisions Ille as a center for various artistic practices, dance performance and poetry readings as well as the ongoing exhibitions. The gallery itself can accommodate a sizeable crowd, and ample outdoor seating is available for the various events she expects to present this summer. Sara de Luca was born in Rome and came to the United States 25 years ago. She worked as a stylist in the fashion industry for many years, and also found time to raise a family here. Her two daughters are both aspiring artists. Sara is a full time resident of Springs.

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