American Abstract

Eve Aschheim
Andrea Belag
Eric Brown
Amy Feldman
Cordy Ryman
Stephen Westfall

July 15 - August 3, 2017
Opening reception July 15, 2017   5-8pm

EXHIBITION IMAGES                 

The six artists in this exhibition form a loose constellation of abstract painting styles and strategies: from seeming hard edge rigor to biomorphism, but nothing is what it seems. Geometries undulate while gestural homunculi hold tight to the picture plane. All the work is emphatically hand made, calling attention to particularites of edge, materiality, and even materials and process beyond paint and canvas such as weaving and assemblage. The work is masterful in its treatment of scale, implying larger spaces and webs of forms than could be contained by the limits of each painting or weaving. A viewer might feel the works are looking back at, or acting out for them. But these image/objects are really looking over their shoulder, eyeing the space beyond. They aim to live in the world of rooms and architecture. These are not ideological artworks, their forms and designs are experiential. The artists brought together here have been developing their personal languages of forms for some time, but they are all deeply informed by the history of abstraction and the picture making that precedes and envelops it. Their images all engage the life world rather than transcend it.
- Stephen Westfall

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