75" H, 15" W with stand

83" H, 33" W with stand

Ms. Albertini’s comes from a European background and her creative style is ensconced in the “renaissance woman” tradition. Much like a modern Michelangelo Ms. Albertini spans the media choices and techniques with such skilled ease that her work can never be considered to follow or belong to any particular “school” or “trend”. Her love of color and movement define each of her creations. Nothing is ever “still” or “static” in her pieces. The constant somersaults, pouncing, leaping and moving of her creatures is a telling characteristic of who Ms. Albertini, the artist, is.

Her new show at Ille Arts is a visual span in the realm of dreams and flights of fancy. The first room of the gallery shows a series of 13 trapezoidal panels that hung together give an illusion of false perspective. Visually one feels as if the gestures framed in the paintings leap out into the room. A master of color, Albertini’s figures seem threaded in complex batik cloths.

The second room of the show displays her Warrior and Beast creatures, sculptures formed of cloth, thread, burlap, pom poms, and yarn. Their faceless heads can be experienced as frightening or sweet, or a combination of both. They are intensely human, mostly child-like, at once beautiful, imperfect, tender and cruel.

Albertini’s new photographs, each representing Warrior and Beast in their daily routines, cover the walls around the room.

Ms. Albertini has found in Springs an idyllic place to raise her three boys. She belongs in Springs, once the home of such renowned artists as Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, of William De Kooning and Randy Rosenthal. Her presence here is felt not only in the art community but also in many other community-oriented enterprises, such as organic farming. Albertini finds time to work early in the morning and when the children are in school, while the remaining hours of her days are spent cycling, running, and in general running after her progeny.

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